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What We DoKentucky Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitter and guide
Kentucky Outfitters features DYI (DO-IT-YOURSELF) Bow Hunting, Full Services Muzzle Loader & Modern Firearms hunting for Whitetail deer in west central Kentucky, the heart of big buck country. We maintain a 130 inch minimum on bucks harvested to insure a good age structure within our deer herd. There is a $500 penalty for bucks that are taken below this minimum. Click on our field judging bucks link for a quick tutorial on how to judge your deer. Our guides have been in the hunting business for more than 60 years so we know how to get you set up for a quality hunt. We plant food plots, fill the feeders, scout, place trail cams and have everything ready for your fun filled hunt. Let us take the stress out of your hunting so you enjoy the your time afield. Call today to book your hunt.

Need help judging a 130 class buck. Click here for a great guide for field judging whitetail bucks.

Our Hunts
Our hunts are conducted on privately owned Kentucky land. We meet with our clients the day before the hunt and provide a tour of the property and when possible. We provide a detailed map to the property and an aeral or topo map (stands are clearly marked) to insure you know how to find your stands and are comfortable in doing so. You will have a minimum of 2 stands available to you. The farm you hunt will be your farm for the entire hunt. We are very selective in the properties we choose, so you can rest assured you are in a prime location. We consider wind direction, hunting pressure and all available variables when choosing stand locations. We will give 110% effort to insure you the best huntpossible.
NOTE: We cannot control the weather, people or deer movement. If it is hot here in the midwest deer movement will be slow with only the younger deer moving. Please understand this is not the norm but please Kentucky deer hunting guides and outfitters.keep it in mind. If you are the type of hunter who can't sit still, hunts only a couple of hours or smokes in your stand, you will very likely have an unsuccessful hunt.

Our Stands
Our stands are commercially built ladder stands, tripod stands, or blinds. They will be placed with the best available cover. If you require a shooting rest, we suggest you bring along a shooting stick to insure you are ready for the big shot.
You will be required to wear a saftey belt or fall restraint device at all times while hunting in an elevated stand during your visit with us. There are no exceptions. You must bring this with you. Please check our CHECK LIST for other required must bring items.

Kentucky Hunting Facts
Kentucky is one of the top trophy deer hunting states with an estimated 1 in 8 bucks growing to be Boone and Crockett caliber. 

License Information
Kentucy is one of the most hunter friendly states in these United States. License are over the counter (No Drawings, Applications or Quota's) and also available online. The license are relativley inexpensive compared to most top whitetail hunting states, currently running about $190 for Non-residents and youth get a much better deal.

Lodging10 point whitetail deer kentucky hunting guide
Motels: One way we keep our prices so reasonable is by allowing our hunters to choose the lodging that best fits their situation. Many of our hunters choose to stay a local hotel or state park. Your meals are also your choice so whether you choose ribeye or round steak, you are in control. There are many quality restaurants to choose from and many are usually within walking distance. We can recommend a lodging destination that is nearest to your hunting area to keep your travel to a minimum.
Camping: Most of our hunting areas are camp friendly so feel free to bring your camper or sleep under the stars. Again we can advise you to help you make the best choice for your hunt. We have a list of motels and state parks you can view by clicking here.

Depending upon which property you will be hunting we will make a recommendation as to which hotel you should book your reservation.  The following is the most likely choice. 

South & East Property
The Hatfield Inn...............270-259-0464
Countryside Inn...............270-259-4021

West Property
Rough River Dam State Resort Park
450 Lodge Road 
Falls of Rough, KY 40119-6100 
Telephone: 270-257-2311 
Toll Free: 800-325-1713

Important Information
The success of your hunt is very much up to you. Here is a few tips to help improve your odds of success Please do not try to guide the guides. We are experienced hunters and have hunted this area for a combined 60 plus years. What works where you live may not work here. Although we do not ban smoking, we do believe that the odor of smoke will stay in your vehicle, clothing and hunting gear. We know for a fact that deer do not smoke and therefore it is logical to think they might be alarmed by you if you smell of smoke. If you smoke that is your choice, however be very aware that we do not allow smoking on our property. If we find evidence that you are smoking on our property or in our stands, you will be asked to leave without a refund. We are very serious about this so please take it into consideration before booking a hunt with us.

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